Platinum Spas in Prescott, AZ

At Prescott Spas and Billiards, our Platinum Spas are truly a cut above the rest when it comes to luxury hot tubs and swim spas. And since we’re dedicated to having a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of Platinum Spa options to suit every need and budget.

Deluxe Range

Platinum Spa’s Deluxe range of hot tubs is perfect for those looking for a top-of-the-line spa experience. With premium features and upgrades, these hot tubs are designed to elevate your relaxation and enhance every moment spent in the water. From our 4-seater Tahiti to our 7-seater Seville, these Deluxe hot tubs boast meticulously designed features that make them both more energy-efficient and enjoyable to use.

Deluxe Range Spec Sheet

Premium Range

If absolute luxury is what you seek, look no further than the Platinum Spa Premium range of hot tubs. Built to the highest levels of quality, these hot tubs are packed with features designed to make your hot tub experience truly unforgettable. With fourteen luxury models to choose from, ranging from the 3-seater Arizona to the 8-seater Maximus, there is a hot tub to suit every need and requirement. These Premium hot tubs are made with the highest quality materials and components, allowing you to unwind and relax in luxury.

Premium Range Spec Sheet

Swim Spas

For those looking to combine relaxation and exercise, the Platinum Spa Swim Spas are the perfect choice. With three impressive options – the Eros, Helios, and Zelus – these swim spas are designed with leading technology to create an environment suitable for both fitness and relaxation. Whether you’re swimming, strength training, or simply unwinding with friends and family, these swim spas cater to up to 6 people, providing endless possibilities for enjoyment in your own backyard.

Swim Spas Spec Sheet

Benefits of Purchasing a Platinum Spa

When you choose to purchase a Platinum Spa, you’re investing in quality, innovation, and luxury. After all, these hot tubs and swim spas are built with high-quality components and the latest technology, ensuring that they are built to last. And with a focus on customer satisfaction, Platinum Spa is always working to innovate and improve our products to bring you the best possible spa experience.

So whether you’re looking to relax after a long day, improve your health and wellness, or entertain friends and family, a Platinum Spa is the perfect addition to any home. And with a wide variety of options to choose from, you can find the perfect hot tub or swim spa to suit your needs and budget. So trust in the quality and innovation of Platinum Spas, and elevate your relaxation experience today.


  • Mike and his crew moved an old spa of mine, they did a very professional job, and knew how to do the job right with the up most care, and they were very pleasant to work with. I will call upon them again next spring when I am ready to move my swim spa and hot tub to my new home in Prescott Valley.
    -Douglas Trask

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So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at Prescott Spas and Billiards for more information on our Platinum Spa sales and find the perfect hot tub or swim spa for your home. We’re dedicated to providing top-quality products and excellent customer service to ensure that you have the best possible spa experience. Let us help you find the perfect Platinum Spa for your home today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Tub FAQ’s

How long should I stay inside a hot tub?

The length of time you spend in a hot tub might vary depending on a number of variables, including your age, health, environment, water temperature, and personal choice. It is often advised to soak in a hot tub for anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes at a temperature of up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’ve never used a hot tub before, we advise beginning with shorter soaks until you progressively increase your tolerance, adapt to the setting, or discover which suits you the most. To ensure the safest method to enjoy hydrotherapy if you have a pre-existing health problem, we advise that you first speak with your doctor.

How many seats do I need?

This is different for each customer depending on who will be using it – a couple, family or friends. Even if there will only be two people using the hot tub, different options of seats will allow you to soothe different

muscles. You may also require a greater number of loungers rather than seats. We have varying options and can help you decide.

I would like to sink my hot tub into the decking, is this possible?

We do not advise you to position your hot tub with decking built around it or underground as it can significantly impact future maintenance requirements. If you wish to do this, we advise you consult a structural engineer to ensure that your decking is capable of safely and adequately supporting the full weight of your hot tub when in use. The hot tub should be 8 inches proud of the top of the decking to allow for the cover to clip onto the side.

Swim Sp FAQ’s

Does my swim spa come with a drainage outlet?

Yes, your swim spa does come with a drainage outlet that is located at the bottom of the swim spa. However, a quicker way to drain your swim spa would be with a submersible pump.

How hot does a swim spa get?

The water temperature can be set up to 90 degrees. The ideal water temperature for swimming is around low 80s. If you want to lounge in the therapy seats and relax then we recommend you set it to be around 90 degrees. In the swim spas which have dual temperature units, where there is a barrier between the swim area and the hot tub; the hot tub side of the unit can be heated to 90 degrees.

Can someone sit in a seat whilst another person is swimming?

Yes, you may get a little wet from any splashes but sit back, relax and enjoy watching them swim or workout.

Additional Information