Pool Table Restoration in Prescott, AZ

Pool Table ReconditioningWhether you’re a billiards enthusiast or you just like having a table around to shoot some 8-ball, it’s critical that your table is in prime condition at all times. And, if you’re moving or have recently moved in Prescott, Mayer, Chino Valley, or Yavapai County, AZ, having a professional give your table a once-over is even more important.

Prescott Spas and Billiards is here to help pool table owners keep their tables in their best condition. We provide a wide range of critical services, such as pool table reconditioning, designed to ensure your table is ready for play at any time—even right after a move! Some of the services we offer in Northern Arizona include:

  • Pool table moving: Your table is more delicate than it might seem, which means it needs confident handling and expert care before, during and after a move. We’ll properly break down and crate your table, move it safely and reassemble it at your new abode. You won’t find pool table movers in Northern Arizona that are as careful and compliant as we are when it comes to ensuring the integrity of your table.
  • Pool table leveling: If there’s even a slight lean in your table, it can throw off any game played on it. We provide expert pool table leveling services to ensure the playing surface is plat to a precise degree.
  • Pool table restoration & reconditioning: From felt replacement to pocket repair and more, we do all pool table reconditioning in Northern Arizona in-house to ensure you’re only getting the best quality results. Our experts have worked on reconditioned pool tables for decades—we know how to truly restore a table’s appeal and function.
  • Resales: We sell refurbished pool tables!

For more information about our pool table moving, level or pool table restoration services, please waste no time and contact us today at (928) 499-5665. We’re ready to assist you in maintaining your reconditioned pool tables and hot tub installations to the fullest degree possible.